Rebeccah is as good as it gets! And that is saying a lot. Anyone who has done any space-clearing work knows how emotionally taxing this can be. Rebeccah is there to hold your hand (sometimes literally) every step of the way. Her no-nonsense, yet compassionate approach to this work is well worth the investment. Highly recommend! – H in Alameda

I’m getting ready to bring a new baby into the world and felt the urge to purge! Rebeccah made it easy to jump in and get going on my nesting. Whenever I hit a rough patch or was overwhelmed– she pulled out a list of trusty questions that helped me decide what to do (purge or keep) so we could move forward. It was also really nice to have a helper to keep me going. I probably would have gotten through half of what we accomplished together. I’m now motivated to do all of the rooms in my house! – K in Oakland

I hired Whole House Cleanse to do the impossible… to get me to get rid of stuff after I had already done a purge on my own. I’m happy to report that pigs do fly. Beck approached the task with the perfect balance of empathy, firmness, and logic. She helped me to see things in a whole new light and be able to let go. I ended up with so much more space in my small kitchen. I now have the counterspace to cook without having to pile things on my stovetop or constantly clean as I go. I can get a storage container out of the cabinet without an avalanche. And I can just get to everything I need so much more easily. And, she gave me the confidence to get rid of toys that my son barely played with–now he can get to the stuff that really matters by himself without me having to dig it out for him or leave it out on the floor all the time. Best of all, it was affordable. I look forward to continuing to purge and organize with Beck’s help! – D in San Francisco

I want to give a big shout to Beck. She did marvels in my kitchen. I thought I needed just to accommodate things different because I purged. She showed me that I still had room to get rid of things that I don’t need. She was gentle (not easy stuff to let go) but firm. I really appreciate her guidance. Also great, I didn’t have to be involved 100% and was able to do things around the house in the meantime. Thanks Beck – A in Walnut Creek

If you need help with organizing, decluttering and dejunking your home, I highly recommend Whole House Cleanse Service was super Professional, flexible, creative and productive service. I got so much done in a short period of time that would have taken me forever to do on my own. – B in San Francisco


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